Friday, May 9, 2008

Weekly Rounds....

This week has been a bit bizarre for me and while I would love to recap you all on the events that triggered the bizarreness, I am saving it for another time. Not sure if it’s just me, but NYC has become way too demanding on my psyche recently and seems to sucking the sheer life out of me. I am working on a few updates, new features and a little more cohesion/schedule to the posts here and in the coming weeks you will see a very big difference in lil’ ol Spielster. Today’s Daily Rounds will be more of a Weekly Rounds, which is to be a regular addition to our Friday’s here. I have also received many emails on my take on the Tom Cruise/Oprah two parter from earlier in this week and believe you me my friends I am putting together my article on him and really what the mess of an interview meant. It’s deep and should be posted on Sunday.

Also, this weekend brings us Mother’s Day and I for one would like to thank my mommy for being there for me and not reading my blog, since well she doesn’t even know what a blog is, I think? So to any and all moms out there, thanks for everything that you have done and please enjoy Sunday! Anyways, let’s get to the Weekly Round Up…

  • * Speaking of mom, meet Mrs. Michelle Duggar, who is pregnant with her EIGHTEENTH BABY and only nine months after having her 17th. I got to give it up to crazy Christians. Her and her husband made the TV rounds this morning explaining how normal this really is. Oh Duggars don’t worry about that upcoming food shortage, I really have no problem having my tax money helping you take care of your kids.

  • *Here is the first seven minutes of “Speed Racer” and from all the reviews, it might the most you will need to see of this one star film.

  • * Vh1 has announced its lineup for its well conceived upcoming reality program, I Love Money. The “star filled cast” will feature rejects from Flavor of Love, Rock of Love and I Love New York. You have to give it up to the network and these reality hooligans – at least they are being HONEST this time around. And yes, my ass will be tuned into this hot mess every week. Who votes for a live blog?

  • *Also in VH1 reality news, last night bastion of talent and man I am oddly attracted to, Danny Bonaduce, made two little girls cry and one scream with joy, and no dirty minds he wasn’t doing anything perverted. He was simply crowning little Mackenzie from Baron Rouge the winner on ”I Know My Kids a Star”. The cute as a button nine year old seriously deserved to win the honor just to rub it in Helene and her headed towards rehab kid, Cheyenne.

  • * The LA Times dissects the Heidi and Spencer nonsense with journalistic integrity. No really, the paper goes in depth on how, why and what it means that this nobody couple catapulted themselves to “stardom” with their “own brand of reality”. And in other not incredibly relevant MTV news, they announced their Movie Awards Nominees. No surprise with this but Superbad led the nomination counts as well as Juno. Ugh and while I don’t want to admit this, I will be tuning into MTV for this or at least I will catch it during the 2,000 re-airings of the program.

  • * Just when I start singing her praises…Lohan is designing a new line of leggings and is casting models for the line with a “trade agreement”. She was also reportedly kicked off the Manson family biopic because no other “big name actors in Hollywood” wanted to work with her. Don’t worry, she is still confirmed for the season finale of “Ugly Betty” and Labor Pains. Next week I am starting a post that will be a recurring feature here where I play imaginary agent to a fallen star – guess who is going to be our test case?

  • * Harpers Bazaar featured Nicole Richie and her cute little baby in the latest issue. They also caught up with her fiancĂ©e Joel Madden and proud grandpa, who obviously has a wicked sense of humor with his “Hello” t-shirt. In other baby news, Angela Kinsey from The Office gave birth to a baby girl. Congrats ladies and happy first Mother’s Day.

  • * Mischa Barton is fighting back at recent photos of her with bad cellulite claiming the photographer doctored the photos because of a previous incident with the actress. To be honest, I don’t care either way but I am sick of these people not being able to go vacation without invasive photogs everywhere.

  • * Saturday Night Live launched a political satire sight to keep up with the fun of the 2008 Presidential election. Except most of us voters are plain old done with this race already.

  • * Ruining it for mother’s worldwide, Beyonce and her momager are corrupting little girls everywhere with their distasteful ad for their tacky ass House of Derrion kids collection.Here is the add celebrating six year old girls wearing heels and giving come hither stares. Ick!

  • * Nick Hogan was was sentenced to eight months in jail and probation time after he plead guilty earlier today to felony reckless driving case after severely injuring his friend last year in a crash. His sentence started today!

  • * Nina Garcia aint out of work no more. She is reportedly taking a head position over at Marie Claire, which should be perfect for when Project Runway moves to Lifetime and gets a new magazine friend, namely Marie Claire.

  • *And finally, in honor of mom’s day TIME compiled the best moms and the worst moms in pop culture. Some of the winners are Dumbo’s mom, Cher in “Mask” and Whistler’s mother. “Joan Crawford” and Tony’s Ma on “The Sopranos” rounded out the worst.