Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Daily Rounds.....

My car is officially close to being dunzo, so I am a bit sad today or actually more annoyed. Let’s get right to the news…..

  • * Its official. Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds are engaged. They way too good looking couple have been dating quietly for more than a year, but with recent rumors of an upcoming marriage, their reps confirmed the news yesterday to People.

  • * Warner Brothers will be producing daytime content for its “cousin” network, the CW. The deal will allow WB to “own” two hours of daytime programming beginning this fall. How successful this is will dictate how much more airtime will be given to the production company on the CW network, which houses America’s Next Top Model and Gossip Girl.

  • * Arrgh! Why won’t this whole Project Runway nonsense end? Apparently now not only are they moving "Project Runway" to Lifetime after the fifth season airs and are in secret deals to change the magazine sponsoring it and possibly moving it to Los Angeles, now there are new changes coming. NBC Universal has made an exclusive first look deal with Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz, PR producers and owners of Magical Elves. This means that Cutforth and Lipsitz will stay on to guide “Top Chef” and other reality programs they produce for Bravo under NBC. Uggh I know this nightmare is not going to end well at all. I just beg Tim Gunn to keep some class in it.

  • * While Oprah was fawning all over Tom Cruise and his 25 years of acting, 23/6 decided to thank the man they believe really propelled Cruise’s career, Curtis Armstrong. The man usually known as Booger has 25+ years of undeniable service to the entertainment industry.

  • * Dreamworks is up and ready looking for a new studio to call home. Spielberg and Geffen’s baby has been searching for a new place to land their production company since the beginning of month, per the terms of their ill fated contract with Paramount Pictures Sumner Redstone. Reportedly, Dreamworks might actually be looking to obtain a studio of their own and some say Spielberg has his hear set on Universal. While details of any split, acquisition or other changes in the studio lineup won’t be confirmed till later this year, we do know that the rift will not affect the box office numbers for the upcoming installment in the Indiana Jones saga.

  • * As we get closer to truly finding out how Ted finds his true love on How I Met Your Mother, the guest stars are actually doing a great job. Sarah Chalke from Scrubs fame plays Ted’s new leading lady Stella and now Britney is returning to play girlfriend to Barney.

  • * And finally, one of my new favorite shows on TV right now is Miss Rap Supreme on VH1. The show had ten female rappers battling it out for who reigns supreme over hip hop. With the drama, the challenges from Serch and campy set, this show is priceless. Last night unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to one of my favorite rappers, Lady Twist. If you have not taken a look, please check out this show.