Monday, May 12, 2008

Iron Man stops Speed Racer at the Box Office.

UPDATED: Since Warner Brothers were a little more than generous with their forecasting for "Speed Racer"'s weekend box office numbers, the film ACTUALLY CAME IN THIRD PLACE last weekend. My list below has been updated with the correct figures and I just want to say to WB that mistakes do happen, but losing out to a romantic comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher should let you know your action movie stinks!

Let’s start things of easy this morning…
Iron Man maintained its top spot at the box office this weekend, pulling in another $50 million, which makes its bank for the past two weeks a little under $180 million. Nicely done Mr. Downey Jr. Surprisingly though, Speed Racer actually snagged the second spot on the top grosser this weekend with $20 million. Didn’t anyone read the reviews last week? The romantic comedies filled out the rest of the top spots with What Happens in Vegas at $20 million, Made of Honor in fourth with $7.6 million and Baby Mama in at 5th with $5.8 million.

Here is the full list of the top 10 movies from this weekend’s box office totals.
1. Iron Man - $50.5 million
2. What Happens In Vegas - $20 million
3. Speed Racer - $18.6 million
4. Made Of Honor - $7.6 million
5. Baby Mama - $5.8 million
6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall - $3.8 million
7. Harold and Kumar 2 - $3.2 million
8. The Forbidden Kingdom - $1.9 million
9. Nim's Island - $1.3 million
10. Redbelt - $1.4 million

This weekend is set to give Iron Man some stiff competition with the release of the next installment in the Chronicles of Narnia franchise, Prince Caspian. Disney has gone above and beyond, courting the “family focused red states” for this movie and since C.S. Lewis’ books are Christian friendly, this franchise is expected to continue to set box office records, possibly being one of the biggest grossing films of the year. We will see, but I do hope that Iron Man retains its hold on the box office, if only to celebrate talented acting and thoughtful plot lines within an action/super hero based movie.

The next few weekends are going to be very exciting for box office trackers with some of the most anticipated follow up to movies in history being released this year. Next week, we will be seeing Indiana Jones returning to the screen after almost a twenty year hiatus and The Dark Knight, starring late actor Heath Ledger as the Joker will be released after much fanfare this July. All in all, this summer is going to be quite an exciting time for action loving film-goers, like myself.

Which movie are you all most excited about?

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Anonymous said...

You need to change the order, Speed Racer came in third with 18.6 million.