Monday, May 5, 2008

Daily Rounds.....

This weekend my car broke down, I had some fine ass brunch, everyone was chatting about Tom Cruise’s visit with Oprah and Iron Man killed it at the box office. Let’s get to the Daily Rounds…

  • * First things first, Iron Man killed at the box office this weekend pulling in a little over $100 Million dollars and becoming the second-best premiere ever for a nonsequel in box office history. The action film, based on a graphic novel, stars Robert Downey Jr. and Gwyneth Paltrow is a departure a bit from the requisite action packed hero films and adds a great deal of drama and storyline to the series. This record breaking weekend all but confirms that we will be seeing an Iron Man 2 in our near future. Here is the rest of the top five films this weekend:
    1. "Iron Man," with $100.7 million.
    2. "Made of Honor," with $15.5 million.
    3. "Baby Mama," with $10.3 million.
    4. "Forgetting Sarah Marshall," with $6.1 million.
    5. "Harold & Kumar Escape From Guantanamo Bay," with $6 million.

  • * Speaking of movies, I was finally able to see “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and I completely fell in love with Jason Segel all over again. My full wrap up on the movie will come later today, but all in all this film was close to comedy perfection for me. It was about ten times better than Knocked Up and followed the post partum breakdown after a breakup so perfectly. It also confirmed to Hollywood that Mila Kunis can carry a movie in a leading lady capacity and hopefully she can do some more quality comedy work.

  • * Project Runway might not only be moving networks for the sixth season, they might also be giving ELLE the boot for Marie Claire and leave New York City for Los Angeles. Of course, everyone knows that all the couture and runway fashions are created in Los Angeles. I think my love of PR might dwindle insanely fast if Lifetime screws with it anymore!

  • * So Tom Cruise went on Oprah’s show and discussed the last time he was on Oprah’s show. While the TV goddess addressed a lot of the issues that Cruise was taken to task for, the whole thing felt staged and phony. It did make me feel a little bit bad for the man who seemed to have lost any real full human emotion a long time ago and now just sounds like a bunch of talking points. The second part of the interview continues today and tomorrow we will recap the chat and see what really was going on.

  • * Sarah Jessica Parker discusses with New York Magazine how the success of Sex and the City has changed her city, New York. Parker also chats about her upcoming flick, returning to Carrie and how her life has changed after the show. The movie opens in theaters nationwide on May 30th. Here is the trailer again in case you missed it.

  • * In other NYC news, The Tribeca Film Festival wrapped it up yesterday with their awards and final showings. The film festival created after 9/11 decimated the downtown area of NYC financially and spiritually, just had its most successful year yet.

  • * In TV News, Rich from Four Four provides a wonderful reason to like MTV’s The Paper and her name is Andrea! Also, Lindsay Lohan is at work on her guest stint as a loser from Betty’s past on Ugly Betty. My favorite celebrity was originally slated to star on the program last season but a few trips to rehab squandered it. Lohan’s mug shot from last year is also causing quite a stir right now because it was used in a pro drunk driving ad published in USA Today. Bad taste doesn’t even describe this thing.

  • * And finally, a second trailer for the upcoming The Dark Knight, the next installment of the Batman series starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger. I was so excited about this film and I do not know how comfortable I will be watching this now knowing this was technically Ledger’s last on screen performance. This trailer is great and the movie looks incredibly gritty, just the way Batman should be.