Monday, May 12, 2008

Daily Rounds....

So this weekend was riddled with cupcakes, family members, surly puppies, and unfortunately disasters worldwide. I discussed a Tom Cruise article I have been penning or typing technically, but with a few morning updates, i.e. Valkyrie being postponed once again, I am re-editing it and will publish it later today. I only let y’all know because I have some overzealous TC/Scientology info fans that are quite interested in his going ons and flatteringly enough, what I think about it. Anyways, let’s get to the Daily Rounds….

  • * Thousands were killed in a 7.9 magnitude earthquake, which hit central China this weekend. At this time, around 10,000 people were found to be dead from the quake and miles and miles of ruins surrounding the area. China has already released around $3 million to respond to the after effects of the disaster. While this was going on, Mynamar finally accepted aid from the US after the devastating cyclone it suffered from last week. Oxfam is reporting that we are looking towards a public-health catastrophe if survivors of the cyclone did not begin to receive aid and the medical attention they needed.

  • * Jenna Bush, twin daughter of our President, was married this weekend in a quiet ceremony at the Bush family’s home in Crawford,TX. And to be honest, it looked like quite a pretty ceremony and her gown was gorgeous.

  • * And I thought Jay Leno was boring. Well look out for NBC’s late night line up come 2009. When Jay Leno is forced out retires, Conan O’Brien will replace him as the lead in for the late night line up and NBC announced its plans to have Jimmy Fallon take over the Conan time slot. No explanation from the network why they wanted to make their viewers fall asleep at 12:40 AM, but this story has just begun. While the guy is affable, Fallon is almost a picture perfect example of how not to need an overwhelming talent can actually be a valuable thing in Hollywood.

  • * David O. Russell strikes again. I can’t believe this dude can movies anymore. Nikki Finke is reporting that Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel left the set of Russell’s latest film after SAG pulled the plug over financing. This is latest part in the saga that is Nailed the first being James Caan, a veteran of Hollywood for over 40 years, leaving the set and movie when he could no longer work with the “difficult” Russell.

  • * Finally, Jackie Warner from Bravo’s Work Out said some insanely harsh things about a gym client of one of her staff member’s on last week’s episode. The comments were directed towards a women and her breast implants. What was not known by Warner was the woman was a Breast Cancer survivor and her boyfriend overheard the nonsense. Brian, the women in question’s trainer and pain in the butt to Jackie, was fired over a confrontation about the negative comments. Well I was offended by the episode and thankfully so were sponsors, since Propel water by Gatorade pulled all their sponsorship of the series after the incident. For a chick who appreciates “strong women”, I would have liked a little more than that nonsense directed towards a breast cancer survivor. Feel free to echo my sentiments with Bravo.

  • * Jennie Garth has been confirmed as a recurring character on the 90201 spin off for the CW. Also rumored to be a part of the cast is ex-costar, Tori Spelling. I can not wait for this hot mess!

  • * Alec Baldwin defended himself on 60 Minutes this weekend over his divorce from Kim Bassinger and the very public custody battle. I don’t care what anyone says, I honestly believe this crackerjack. And speaking of Long Islanders, Lindsay Lohan is reportedly having problems with her “close friend” Samantha Ronson. The two were reportedly fighting at a West Hollywood club the other night and Lohan needed to be comforted by Lauren Conrad.

    Later today hopefully, we will publish the Tom Cruise piece.