Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Daily Rounds...

So last night I saw my first EVER Mets game and they freaking won it!!!! I have to say I LOVE sporting events. It’s great to be a part of everyone drinking beer, eating greasy foods and fighting against a common enemy. I sort of get the whole appeal of red states now. Kidding! Anyways, I really did enjoy myself even though it was hella cold out there by the water. This is the last year that Shea Stadium will house Mets games, so my boyfriend and I are making it our business to go to as many games as possible. I got in such a good mood last night, I woke up this morning ready to tackle the day and pay more attention to my little ol’ blog. Stuff has been going down behind the scenes that I chatted about last week and it’s keeping off the Spielster game. And today the daily rounds is chock full of juicy morsels for all you pop culture fanatics out there.

So let's get to the day's daily rounds....

  • PEOPLE magazine has published its annual 100 Most Beautiful People issue and Kate Hudson was the lucky duck chosen to grace the cover. Other “beauties” are Christina Applegate, Eva Parker and her husband, the cast from Gossip Girl, Julianne Moore and Rumer Willis. So apparently, PEOPLE was attempting to be funny with some of the winners. The issue is on newsstands this week.

  • The much gossiped about Beverly Hills 90210 spin off is confirming some of its cast members and it seems that they nabbed one of my favorite drunk WASPS ever. Jessica Walter, mommy dearest from Arrested Development, will be the rich drunk matriarch on the upcoming teen drama, slightly based on the original. They are also promoting one of my fave Degrassi kids, crazy Christian/rape victim Darcy Edwards, to the big time on US television. Shanae will star as Annie Mills in the spinoff as Lori Loughlin’s, from Full House and 80’s B Movie fame, daughter. I am actually getting excited for this show now.

  • Wait for it...Charlie Sheen is still a horny dude. Another madame is coming forward and letting the world know that Mr. Sheen likes sex with prostitutes. And also in, I heard this all about ten years ago, someone is shopping around a video of Angelina Jolie snorting heroin. The footage was taken when she wrapped filming on "Gia". Yeah remember when people didn't care about Jolie? That was sort of nice. Either way, both "shocking celebrity stories" are OLD NEWS.

  • Speaking of Jolie's crazy days, TMZ has publicized Billy Bob Thorton's son statuatory rape case. His son has apparently being dating a 22 year old woman, when he himself is only 14. The main story though is TMZ making a sexual abuse case for a minor public knowledge. JERKS!

  • NKOTB is coming to an arena near you this fall. I am still on the fence if I want to be at the local show here, watch a bunch of women in their 30's throwing clothes at some greased up dudes who haven't been cool or relevant since the early 1990's. Well I am from Long Island, so that's sort of commonplace there. Kidding. The band is ready to take the stage as the five piece that changed the scope of pop music in America late August. And yes, they seem to be "hangin' tough!"

  • This week in Scientology news, important "bible" documents were leaked, they have been using a cruise ship for their ceremonies and parties that is filled with deadly asbestos and Tommy Boy has sent Katie toScientology boot camp. So all in all, not such a good week. Hopefully Tom Cruise's very staged visit to Oprah's will change things around. I am becoming more convinced this chick is making some money off Mr. Hubbard's nonsense.

  • On last night's American Idol Paula Abdul confused the performances of Jason Castro and my favorite David Cook. She was all kinds of confused, but isn't that part of the allure of the show. And finally, Brooke White was kicked off tonight. The "sorry me" routine definitely got OLD! Again, can't we just give this thing to David Cook and start again in the fall?

  • You might have caught this site already, but if not, please waste some time here. This is the home to some of the best Passive Aggressive notes and letters I have ever come across. Personal fave is the dude who breaks stuff and is too lazy to clean up the shattered glass everywhere, but is courteous enough to leave a note for his roommate.

  • This penguin is crazy ass cool in his little suit. The little man has to wear a wet suit because he is losing his protective layer of fur from baldness. The 25 year old penguin is said to be getting his "sea legs" back and is not longer fearful of swimming in the water.

  • Jason Lee is having a baby with his new girlfriend, Ceren. This also brought light to the fact that the longtime Scientologist as apparently divorced from his first wife, Beth, whom he had Pilot Inspektor, his four year old son with.

  • And finally, Senator Hillary Clinton made the brave move and sat down with Bill O'Reilly for Fox News' O'Reilly Factor. The interview touched upon her campaign, her triumphs, messes and the whole process and tonight was the first in the two part interview series. While I am sure you can all guess my feelings on O'Reilly, I think it is quite strong of her to sit down with someone who wants you to fail so badly and all with a smile on her face. She was calm, cool and collected and honestly, looking pretty relaxed. I don't know how this woman sits around with people who would rather spit in her face with such calmness.

    Here is the first part of the interview.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and let me know what you think about today's Daily Rounds or what songs I should discuss at the weekly round up this Friday! ENJOY!!


    Anonymous said...

    hmm, your site is the first one i've seen that actually named the celebrity involved.

    spielster said...

    The name is published and every story has linked to TMZ, which then drives their traffic from people attempting to find out who the child is. I am just publishing something that is now common knowledge because of the callousness of TMZ. If my readers would prefer it down, please let me know.