Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Real World Reunion - I am so there....

One thing dear readers you should know about Little Ms. Spielster is that she loves the crap out of MTV's Real World. Well, not for the past few seasons, but up until Chicago and Las Vegas, I was able to give a brief synopsis of episodes, cast and where they went after filming. Some of my favorite quotes, like "Thats what a rapist says David", "Breakout" and more are from the lovable cast members I know I know (hangs my head in shame). So tonight MTV is making me a happy girl and giving me, FINALLY, a Real World Reunion. Yeah, the gauntlets wet my pallet for awhile, but come on, we all want to know what is up with Melissa from Miami, Season 5 and apparently from pics of the night she is wearing that same denim number she rocked almost every day back in Florida.

MTV has been sort of promoting this show with fan participation online, where you could vote who was the cutest couple, craziest roommate and other awards only MTV could give out to people. I looked through the site and seriously I didn't know who half these people were who showed up on this red carpet. I am bummed that a lot of the older cast members don't come out for these things anymore because it is a celebration of this one time thing that they did and I care way more how Cory, Pam and Judd are doing then anyone from the Philadelphia cast. Speaking of old school, how hot does Eric Nies look in this picture. YUM!After the hot mess, I mean show, I will definitely be online discussing the losers who showed up and the idiots who won. Apparently, Puck gets kicked out, naturally and hoes hook up at the party. OH and Coral's mean and people make fun of Beth. Oh who am I kidding, I love this shit. Check it out at 10PM tonight on MTV .