Thursday, April 17, 2008

Self Induced Miscarriages Apparently Gets One Into Yale.....

The buzz all over the internets today is about some chick in the prestigious Yale art department is using self-induced miscarriages and the footage of the actual events as her senior thesis/project. Aliza Shvarts, the student in question, has inseminating and then terminated her resulting pregnancies within the past nine months. The "artist" is taping her miscarriages and using the bloods and fluids from said miscarriages as the art pieces in her senior project. Shvarts has said she is putting forward this type of work "to spark conversation and debate on the relationship between art and the human body". The article, that was published today discussing her project and the outcry from her fellow art majors and has set a firestorm on the internet over is this right or wrong. Well first let's just say it, YUCK! Miscarriages are not a fun or easy experience, so anyone to knowingly put themselves through that obviously has some major issues. And while I am definitely one that allows the boundaries to be pushed within art, I do not believe the true context of this "project" is for the actual exploration of art and the relationship with the human body. I do know that this has brought a shit load of publicity to this completely unknown artist to this point and that it is not her work that will make her famous, but the balls to be so oddly bizarre.

This event is now be declared fake by various news sources, but the ramifications could be very real. Personally, I think this could open the flood gates in the abortion conversation and lead to very negative things. And I also abhor anyone who would do this type of damage to their body. Shvarts has apparently not seek medical attention to make sure her health, after repeated miscarriages, has been effected and nor does she seem to care what time of ramifications could occur from such damage. I find it fascinating that in this climate and with so many people out there struggling to have children, another person could take it so callously. Here is the crazy loon on a soap box, naturally. Another reason to hate hipster can be found below:

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Mikiye Creations said...

Bummer that the video is no longer there.
I agree that this is a desperate cry for attention in all the wrong ways.
Geeze, why doesn't she do something constructive and posititive with her life!