Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Come on join the joyride.....

Not sure if this irony at its best or just plain old America’s charm, but yesterday a story about a seven year old boy from Florida, who stole a car and drove it all over town to “crash it”, was reported on by various media outlets. It was also the same day that “Grand Theft Auto 4 streeted, which is looking to be one of the best grossing video games EVER! I am not saying Rockstar Games planned this, but it is pretty interesting. Here’s the video of this little charmer.

Ok, so this kid Latarian Milton, from Palm Beach, FL, stole his grandmother’s SUV and grabbed his “cigarette smoking” friend and drove this car ALL OVER town. The two hit parked cars, mailboxes and the joyride came to an end when they crashed into two moving cars. When interviewed as to why Latarian, a seven year old boy, would take his granny’s SUV and ride it all over town, he simply said “I wanted to do hoodrat stuff”. He went on about how cool it is to bad and dangerous things and didn’t even flinch when he was asked if he realized he could have killed someone. His grandmother was then interviewed and she said that she “wish she could have whooped his ass”, but she would probably be ”arrested for it”.

You have to love America, especially its shinning star in a sea of stars, Florida. The grandmother unfortunately will have to compensate all injured parties for the wreckage her grandson made on the joyride. And since we are chatting about joyrides, let’s check in with Roxette and hear about theirs.