Thursday, April 3, 2008


We have got a lot to cover today – things are perking up in this pop culture world – so let’s get to the daily rounds people.

  • * Don’t be cruel Bobby! Bobby Brown is releasing an autobiography some time this year and lets us know it was Whitney that was the bad influence, not him. In a bizarre way, I can totally agree with Bobby here. Brown said that cocaine was introduced to the relationship with Whitney Houston by her and that she married him not for love, but to cover up the lesbian rumors that were constantly around her at height. I am a lover of all entertainment bios, so I can’t wait to read this hot mess.

  • * Yesterday, we found out that Beyonce and Jay-Z got a marriage license in Westchester, NY and Perez Hilton is reporting that the nuptials are scheduled to take place this Friday. I still can’t believe these two are dating, let alone getting married, but congrats. I can’t wait to see the nonsense wedding dress and bridesmaid stuff.

  • * NBC announced at the Upfronts yesterday that they are changing the fundamentals of a TV season and will be creating 65 weeks of new content for their channel. The network has realized the dynamic of television has changed in the past few years and are looking to make sure there is no fall or spring season, but a continuous stream of new and creative programming on the network. They also let us know that there will be much more web content. I will dig a bit deeper into this story for a single post later today.

  • * Lindsay Lohan got into the spirit on April Fool’s Day and stopped by the TMZ press room to chat the “reporters” and yuck it up. Oh how I love this little nutball.

  • * Ugghh. Has politics really come to this? Heidi Montag has thrown her support behind John McCain in the upcoming national election. While I don’t give a crap about who Montag pretends to vote for, I am sure there are a few frat dudes who will let this sway them. The more unfortunate part of this endorsement was the quick response given by John McCain, who was more than pleased to accept the endorsement. And what’s even worse is McCain seemed to think the public would believe him if he told us he doesn’t miss an episode of The Hills. This should prove to anyone that this is definitely NOT a viable candidate to run this country.

  • * In other political news, Barack Obama has reportedly received some top of the line support in the national election. Jimmy Carter and Jane Fonda are reportedly going to make announcements that they are backing the first time candidate. Not sure if this will help or damage the campaign, but according to polls, it might bare more importance than say Heidi Montag.

  • * My girl is coming back to the small screen. Molly Ringwald is starring in an ABC Family pilot.

  • * In music news, MySpace is confirming a deal with three record companies to create a site that rivals iTunes. The social networking site, which has assisted virtually unknown acts to become over night sensations, will create MySpace Music. Word is the site which will offer more than just a store for music, but a community to talk about bands and networking possibilities. No word as of yet which record labels will participate, nor if participation in this site will lead to less participation on iTines.

  • * Mariah Carey has surpassed Elvis Presley and scored her 18th number one hit with her latest single,”Touch My Body”. With this kind of momentum, bitch might actually kick out the Beatles from their top spot as well.

  • * Following that, Live Nation and Jay-Z are set to announce a reported 150 million dollar deal between the music giants. The deal will not only cover the management of Jay-Z’s final solo album, but also the creation of his new label, separate from Def Jam records, Roc Nation. The exact parameters of the deal have not been released yet, but this artist is just another in the long line of musicians signing on with Live Nation for the full representation.

  • * And finally, girls who were 10 in 1991, grab a hold of your seats because 2008 is gonna be reunion central for you. New Kids on the Block are set to appear on the Today Show and word on the street is they will announce their upcoming reunion tour. I have yet to decide if I will participate in the madness of a reunion concert, but these boys at one time were my favorite humans walking the planet and I still have their t-shirts, so it might be worth it just to see ladies in their 30’s lose their shit. Also, is coming to America with his summer tour, the first in the states in 15 years. Shows being in San Diego in June. I will most definitely be there with bells on!

    Later today, we will recap the Real World Bash, Top Chef, the American Idol mess, America's Next Top Model and discuss NBC’s new outlook on TV.