Thursday, April 10, 2008

Daily Rounds....

It’s nice as hell here in NYC, so let’s keep the Daily Rounds short and nice…

  • * Insert “bloody hands” joke here, Charlton Heston, died at age 84 this past weekend. The actor was best known for screaming about dirty apes and supporting NRA.

  • * Take a ride on the new Simpsons coaster, as your Simpsons avatar.

  • * Earlier this week you read that Project Runway is headed towards Lifetime Network. Well apparently Lifetime is definitely attempting to hip its image up a bit and they have allowed The Golden Girls, one of the best TV sitcoms EVER!!!, to move to the Hallmark Channel.

  • * Here’s a fun little interview with Claire from this season’s America’s Next Top Model. Tomorrow, we will do our reality recap on the show.

  • * This is my new favorite thing! 23/6 takes a look at the Week in Skeeve and boy was this week bad!!!!

  • * In couple news, Robin Wright Penn and Sean Penn have called off the divorce and are getting back together, Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz are bumming out pop punk girls everywhere with their engagement news and Natalie Portman is now dating Devandra Banhart, the indie rock/folk singer.

    And before I forget people, NBC's Thursday Night lineup is returning tonight with ALL NEW EPISODES. Check out the site for info on tonight's episodes of the Office (I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!!!) and freshen up with the rest of Season 4 here.