Thursday, April 10, 2008

I'm so excited for......Forgetting Sarah Marshall

First things first, any movie that has the words Judd Apatow attached to it will be viewed by me. Even if the movie looks like a pile of poop, I will go see it. If you add Jason Segel to the mix, then I am there with bells on. I fell in love with both of these people during the Freaks and Geeks first (and only) season on NBC. So I have been hearing about the “Sarah Marshall” flick since Knocked Up hijacked the media last year and began touting Apatow as the next godfather or comedy.

Over the past two months, they have kicked off a crazy viral marketing campaign that might mirror the intensity of the effort poured into “Cloverfield”. Billboards are all over NYC and I am sure other places, echoing bitter break up comments like” You do look fat in those jeans Sarah Marshall” and various I hate Sarah blogs are sprung up in support of the film. This might be showing us the marketing efforts of the future and how studios are looking to the blogosphere to do their bidding for them. Universal, the studio behind the film, worked directly with MySpace as well to give new content and cast commentary on clips of the film. They are also hosting “break up vlogs” from Peter. I mean my mom asked me “What’s the deal with this Sarah Marshall girl?” the other day.

Now that we know the smarts of the marketing effort, let’s get to the movie itself, which focuses on the lovelorn Peter, Jason Segel, after his breakup with actress Sarah Marshall, played by Kristen Bell. Peter, to get over his love after sleeping with random girls doesn’t work, flies to Hawaii to a resort recommended by Marshall. Of course, Sarah is there as well, with her new rocker boyfriend and let the hilarity ensue. With costars Mila Kunis, Jonah Hill and Bill Hader, this looks like another quality comedy in the Apatow tradition. And from the early reviews I have read, Segel steals the show and proves his worth as a leading man. Segel to me is the quasi lovechild of Tom Hanks circa ’87-’93 and Judge Reinhold circa ’84-’88.

Below is the official trailer for the flick. I am super psyched for this movie to come out finally and will be there opening day!!! You can also check out the Yahoo Sarah Marshall page for other clips and commentary from the cast. e movie is opening in theater nationwide next Friday, April 18th.

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I can't freaking wait for this movie!