Monday, January 28, 2008

Thank you.....

Here at The Spielster, I am seriously excited!!! Last week was our best week ever!!! Our daily hits multiplied by 11 times and our page views by 15. We saw a major influx of new and unique visitors and I am one hundred percent sure it is partly due to our coverage of the Cruise and CSI debacle and the untimely death of Heath Ledger. Another huge help has been the addition the flow of traffic and many new readers from Gawker & Jezebel.

I just wanted to take a minute out to thank all my new readers and those loyal ones who have been here from the beginning. I am looking forward to 2008 being a big year for me and The Spielster. I will also be working on another NYC centric site with a very talented friend, so good things are coming. As promised, the continuation of CSI and the Wrath of Cruise will wrap up this week and we will begin another feature story next week.

Again, thanks for stopping by, all of the comments and for those who are spreading the word. I would be doing this if I had only one person stopping by, but its great to see people are reacting to what you are doing. Also, if you have anything you want The Spielster to cover or link, please email tips or stuff to


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Anonymous said...

When is CSI Part 3 coming? I really liked the first two parts.