Monday, January 7, 2008

NBC scales back Golden Globes

Ugghhh... I am going on record and saying I am becoming depressed because of these god damn WGA strike. I seriously can't take this shit anymore. Whoever needs to give/get more money, agree upon an amount and get it done!!!!! I am an addict people!!!!!!

Anyways, NBC has decided to air what is considered a "scaled down" presentation of the awards. I love this show because it is a lot less formal then the Oscars and seems more of a party atmosphere. Also, it embraces musicals and comedies, as opposed to the drama filled Oscar party. Up until this weekend, NBC, Jeff Zucker, The Hollywood Foreign Press Association, Dick Clark Productions and the rest of Hollywood's elite have been bickering about what to do this Sunday about the very important award show. The talent are afraid to cross picket lines to gain access to an award show and NBC/Zucker are pissed that everyone is trying to weasel out of contract to "perform" that night. NBC announced today that the show will still go on, well sort of. The winners will still be announced, but with a press conference feel which is similar to how they announce the nominees. Apparently, they are also in talks to produce a retrospective of the show for that night and an Access Hollywood program which would cover the parties. See now that shit pisses me off.....If Hollywood was smart, they would dress up, come to the show and then try to tell the public what the fuck the writers are trying to prove with the strike. Instead, they are all being pussies, until its party time and then those assholes can get dressed and go out. Well I guess it will be left up to Sunday to see what sort of calamity this will be. And if you have since forgotten who is actually even nominated, here there are again.

And really the biggest let down is not that the stars don't get a big part and an award show or that writers are still on strike, but that Rumer Willis will no longer be Miss Golden Globe. This mess better be cleaned up soon cause I am actually excited about the Oscars this year and if I have another month without new "30 Rock", I might go on a killing spree. You hear me Hollywood!!!!