Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Short and sweet today my friends, short and sweet...

  • + First, John Edwards is charming and has great ideas, unfortunately no seems to hear him. Check him out here on the David Letterman show.

  • + No Rest for the Wicked....perfect heading at best. Phelps is at it again.

  • + Kathleen Turner is coming out with her bio... and apaprently she isn't very nice in discussing some of her previous costars. I can't wait to read this rag!!!! She hates on Nic Cage and Burt Reynolds and dishes on some of her leading men's drug habits. I love this hot bitch!

  • + Jenna Fischer is not with David Spade. The comedienne let's the world know she is a bit smarter then the average sitcom leading lady.

  • + Swooon!!!! I want to have dinner with Alan Rickman and then desert and then coffee and then, well that stuff is private. Rickman has been a heart throb to me since I saw him "Robin Hood". I know he is weird, British and a bit long in the tooth for me will not stop the obsession. Here is a cute pic of him at Sundance.

  • + Amy Winehouse is in more trouble. Authorities are going to be looking into that crack smoking video everyone and their mom forwarded to me earlier in the week. Not sure what you can do to a person when they no longer have possession of the illegal substance, but who knows. Apparently, she is NOT in rehab, but has visited a "private facility" to take care of her issues. Damn, if I was close friends with Mark Ronson, I would find another way to take care of my problems.

  • + And finally, I now know my ass doesn't have to fly out to California in April since the headliners of Coachella, other then Portishead, might sound more interesting if I was a freshman and just joined fraternity. I have to say that the smaller bands of the show make up a really good line up, but I don't think that is enough to make me fly out to the desert and chill for three days. With all the rumored headliners, how did they end up with Jack Johnson and Roger Waters? Is this becoming Surf Aid or something?

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    The Divine Ms. Jimmi said...

    Burt Reynolds looks hideous now. How plastic surgery ahas ruined him.