Monday, January 28, 2008


This weekend was nice and relaxing here in New York. I also had “sort of” a run in with the Lohan at Da Salvino on Saturday evening. My friends and I were walking around the neighborhood and turned the corner to see a good amount of paps waiting outside Da Salvino. Every time my ass encounters paps on the street waiting for someone, its always Lohan. My friends and I asked, since it was like 5PM, not usual dining time for celebs, and one rudely says “I don’t give that information”. Who cares, Lohan came out like 5 minutes later, covered in fur.

Anyways, let’s get to what’s been happening while you were watching Rock of Love 2.....

  • + Not sure if this is good news or bad news for America, but ”Meet the Spartans” beat “Rambo” at the box office this weekend. It was only by half a million bucks, but sadly the two flicks topped the charts at the first and second places, pulling in all together about $37 million. And we let these people decide who will run the country later this year??

  • + Speaking of politics, Obama won the South Carlolina primary, now leading with the most delegates. He also picked up endorsements from the Kennedy clan this weekend. The two generations of Kennedys, Ted and Patrick, along with Caroline Kennedy, have announced they will campaign for the Illinois Senator. Toni Morrison, famous author who called Bill Clinton “America’s First Black President”, will also be backing Obama for this election.

  • + In other political news, Giuliani needs a win in Florida, which is incredibly unlikely and McCain and Romney continue to pander to the base and call each other “liberals”. Actual liberals shudder at the mere thought.

  • + And in dumb and irrelevant political news, Scarlett Johansson is a moron. While being asked if she was engaged to her boyfriend, actor Ryan Reynolds, she said she only had room in her life for one man now and it was Obama. She continued to say that she was engaged to the Presidential candidate and was in love with him. This is a perfect reason why sometimes have celebrities campaign for you is NOT the best idea. Can this girl be any dumber? Well she does get to sleep with Reynolds, so she isn’t the dimmest bulb in town.

  • + Sadly, not all boy bands get the memo that you can’t be in a boy band if you are almost 40. New Kids on the Block are planning to make a comeback, reports They brought back their website and are expected to make an official announcement with their recording and touring plans in the next few weeks. To be honest, I might have to go and check it out, considering there was a time in my life I would have died for Joey McIntyre. And I am just assuming, cause why wouldn’t they, that there is also a reality show in the works that will showcase this disaster comeback. Can’t wait to see Johnny. UPDATED!!!!! Sadly, Danny Wood says no to the REUNION RUMORS!!! The one time boy bander wanted to squash the rumors so he hit up MYSPACE. I am a little bummed now!

  • + And finally, in crazy news Sean Young was kicked out of the DGA Awards this weekend. The nutbag actress was apparently so drunk she was shouting at recipients of awards all night, until security asked her to leave and when she did not comply, physical removed her. When Julian Schnabel received his award, she began screaming “Get over with it already!”, to which he responded “When was the last time you mattered?”…no no no Pajama bottoms told her to have another drink. I personally wish someone had slugged her that night, but no such luck. Who wants to bet either Bravo or Vh1 were developing a reality program for this lovely D-lister this morning?