Thursday, January 24, 2008

John "can't quit Ledger"......

Ok John, turn down the flame. Lordy, I think Travolta is just playing with us at this point, you know like “ Let’s see how gay I can sounds about things!” Someone decided to interview him about Ledger’s death, presumably because he was celebrating Australia Week in the USA at the time of his passing. Here is a little bit of the gems Travolta said about Heath and his effect on Hollywood.

"I would give back all of my awards and my nominations just to have him back again… We love you Heath, wherever you are. He was my favorite actor and my favorite talent. It’s like losing James Dean. I wanted to meet him because I was very impressed with him from the very beginning. His agent introduced me to him at a party, and I just fell (in love). Actors need other actors to be inspired by, and he was my actor. He was beautiful in his reaction; I was an idol of his - my reacting that way to his work really blew him away, but he was very modest and almost bashful about the compliment."

Ugghh, come on! Bashful? He was probably scared shitless of you weirdo. I swear CSI is behind this death. John wanted Ledger for some “behind the scenes” work and he didn’t want to play. Travolta probably saw Brokeback Mountain and got all confused thinking it was real life. John wanted his own cowboy. Ecck! My favorite part of the commentary is “I would give back all my awards”. What awards? People’s Choice? CSI Medals of Honor? I am pretty sure those are not the best bargaining tools. I think these two dudes met like once or twice and it was probably Travolta fawning all over Heath like a 12 year old school girl. And anyways, I thought Scientologists could control time, matter and space. So John, get in a space ship, go back in time and revive him.

And here’s another bonehead comment from a Fox New anchor on Heath’s death(You will need to click on this to hear it – I will not put it on my site!). I don’t think its any secret that this network 1) Sucks, 2) Does not actually provide news other then missing white girls exposes, and 3) They have the morality of lifetime criminals. I do have to say that these quotes go way over the line and would like to point out that Fox LOVES receiving emails in regards to their programming, so take a cue from Perez and email YOU R THOUGHTS on Gibson’s tactless comments to Again, I detest the humans behind FakeFoxNews.

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The Divine Ms. Jimmi said...

I do have to agree with John T. on that Heath Ledger is akin to James Dean. Never before has there been such a young actor with such intensity and range. He makes the others in his age group look shoddy.