Wednesday, January 23, 2008

RIP Heath Ledger

I wanted to start this morning off with a bit more information on the death of Heath Ledger and also some personal thoughts. I know that since he was a public figure, we all feel like we know him and can’t understand how something like this could happen to someone with such a promising life. Yesterday, I can definitely say that shock went through us all when we got the news in the later afternoon here. Even though I was not a friend to Ledger, this news hit me harder then most celebrity deaths. Obviously, he was a talent, an actor who had a gift and would have had a successful career. He was also a man with a young and bright child, whom he adored and many friends, none who saw anything like this headed his way. The sudden death of a person who has everything going for them makes you rethink what goes on in your own life and helps you revaluate things. It was also sad to hear the innuendos and rumors come out right away about such a gentle soul. The man was still working on an upcoming Terry Gilliam projectand had The Dark Knightpress tour around the corner and all things said an even promising next few years after the critical success of Brokeback Mountainand I'm Not There.

The passing of Heath is a bit different for me then the passing of other celebrities because I know personal friends of his and, without going into detail, yesterday was not a great day. I can’t imagine finding out about the death of a loved one via TMZ or a phone call from an acquaintance because they heard about it on CNN. I can’t imagine being contacted by press to discuss your friend’ habits and “if I saw it coming” and I can’t imagine having to grieve in public like his friends and family have to do. With that being said, there will be no rumor reports here, which other sites cashed in on yesterday. As of now, his death is being looked at as an overdose, if it was accidental or intentional has yet to be confirmed. We do know that no foul play occurred and he was in an apartment close to that of the Olsen twins, which is why both Mary-Kate and Ashley’s name came up yesterday in various reports. And the only thing we know for sure is that a bright light in cinema and doting father was put to rest way too early in his lifetime.

I can go for the easy jab here and say how sad this world is when someone like Britney Spears will fake suicide attempts and mental illness to garner more press and more attention, while people dealing with actual problems don’t get the help they receive because they bury it down inside them. Again, my condolences go out to family and friends and I do hope that this death is not taken lightly by others in the limelight that have no problem playing with their own lives. And our dearest sympathy goes out to a very young girl out there who unfortunately will never really get to know her father.

In the wake of this, my mind and thoughts are not interested in discussing the CSI and Wraith of Tom Cruise today. There will only be happy go lucky Daily Rounds here my friends. Check back on Friday for the third installment of CSI and WoTC.


Anonymous said...

Today you say he wasn't in the Olsen apartment, but if you truly care about writing about him with respect and integrity then you should make it explicitly clear that your reporting of him being in Mary-Kate Olsen's apartment yesterday was incorrect.

God bless Heath Ledger and his family and friends.

Spielster said...

I updated yesterday's post to reflect the correction and apologies to any readers who were offended somehow. When it comes to breaking stories, some info that gets leaked to the public and press may not always be the full truth. I have corrected the post and again, send my deepest sympathy to his family and friends.

Thank you for taking the time to stop by!

Lisa said...

what a tragic end to a talented fella. I feel so sorry for his cute little daughter. Keep giving updates.