Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Let’s get to the news….

  • + First, hope is near.Word is the WGA strike could be over as early as Friday. This would mean people can get back to work and I will be able to mock poorly dressed celebs on the red carpet once again!

  • + Is the news covering the death of talented actors and crazy Scientologists to the point where you are getting only 6 pics in the tabs this week Britney? Well I know the cure, let’s watch another meltdown! Spears’ family has arrived in Los Angeles to allegedly get the pop flop some serious medical help. Her new boyfriend, Adnan, is shockingly turning out to be just one more of the many thousands of triggers she has which continually lead to madness. On a side note, people apparently have adverse reactions to being used, abused and defiled by loved ones. Seriously, get this chick some help already.

  • + Apparently one of the many reality tv programming outlets have just come under major backlash due to “not too black” memo that was fueling the casting directors decisions on some shows. You pick which cable channel did it, since it’s a blind item. I am thinking no to look towards MTV and Vh1, since seem to have no problem with that. Possibly Bravo?

  • + This chick knows how to work publicity. After the DGA fiasco, Sean Young has entered rehab. according to The Insider. I swear, the reality TV is almost one hundred percent confirmed at this point.

  • +Gwen Stefani is pregnant with her second child, reports People.com.

  • + Good news to all you thrifty ladies out there, Cynthia Rowley is coming to Target after the departure of Isaac Mizrahi.

  • + STARZ has confirmed it will be producing a TV drama of the Oscar winning and hate inducing “Crash”. If this was an announcement from Cinemax, my guess it would have been an adaptation of this is coming to a TV set near you. Interestingly enough it isn’t this one, "Crash".

  • + Imposter uses Ledger's dad's name to dupe Tom Cruise and John Travolta. The scammer, who is obviously missing his soul, was able to talk to Cruise on the phone and attempted to have Travolta purchase him a plane ticket. Unfortunately, he also scammed the funeral home, where Heath had his private memorial and viewing last week to put him up in in a swanky 4 star NYC hotel, under the guise of being Ledger’s mourning father. While I can’t understand how someone can be so foul to do such a thing, I am wondering why the leaders of celeb Scientology keep finding their names entangled in this story.

  • + In touring news, REM announced Spring/Summer 2008 tour. Their opening acts will be Modest Mouse and The National. They will be playing on Long Island and I will be going! Also, BAM is presenting a big to do about Paul Simon. Grizzyly Bear, David Byrne and Simon himself, along with many others, will be performing and celebrating Simon’s tenure in the music industry.

  • + Michael Showalter talks to AV Club about “The State” DVDs, Stella, stand up comedy and Obama. Seriously if someone doesn’t release this shit soon, I'm gonna explode.

  • + And finally, here is a sneak peek at the new Will Farrell and John C. Reilly movie, ”In Step Brothers”. Obviously, this shit will be funny and it’s coming to theaters this summer.

    Thanks for stopping by. Tomorrow, we will be bringing you the third installment in “CSI and the Wrath of Cruise”. ENJOY!