Thursday, January 24, 2008

Heath Ledger RIP, UPDATED....

With most of the events and information surrounding the unexpected death of Heath Ledger coming out, I will be providing a daily update for you readers. As you read here yesterday, I do not want to hound the issue, but I would love to make sure my readers are getting a full and truthful story on his untimely death.

Investigators have confirmed that the drugs found in the apartment were contained in their prescription bottles and that there was no drug residue found on a $20 bill near Ledger’s body. It has been reported the home was in order and nothing was strewn about, as previously stated by multiple news sources. It also seems that masseuse who found Ledger unconscious body used his cell phone to contact Mary-Kate Olsen, , which could explain original reports of Ledger’s passing in Olsens’ apartment, which we now know to be false. What the investigators can’t tell us is why the masseuse and housekeeper on the scene continued to contact Ms. Olsen, as opposed to going directly to 911, since they found the actor unconscious. Olsen apparently had her security guards, who were located within her home close to Ledger’s, to come over and assess the situation. They arrived at the same time as 911 dispatched EMTs did, around 3:30 PM. There is an autopsy underway and the results should be available within the next two weeks. Discussions by various doctors have said that combining sleep aids with a too powerful antihistamine could have possibly led to the actor’s accidental death.

It is also reported that a private viewing and memorial service will be conducted in NYC later today. Michelle Williams returned to the Brooklyn home she once shared with Ledger yesterday, with the one time couple’s daughter, Matilda. She is reported to have her mother and Matilda’s godmother, Busy Phillipsat her side during this insanely devastating time. Makeshift memorials have been put together by the public outside Ledger’s Soho and Boerum Hill home. Again, our hearts go out to those closest to Ledger and wish them some solace during their time of grief. And as promised, updated information will be provided to you throughout the day.

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The Divine Ms. Jimmi said...

Regardless of the cause, we have lost a great actor too soon.