Thursday, January 17, 2008

Daily Rounds

While the Scientology/Cruise debacle continues to take over my mind, let’s get to some fun little gossip tidbits, you might have missed….

  • +Chloe Sevigny doesn't want to show her private parts anymore. Apparently, blowing your boyfriend on the big screen was just enough exhibitionist behavior for the actress.

  • is reporting that four paparazzi were arrested last night after recklessly driving and chasing Britney Spears throughout Mission Hills. Do you really need to chase her at this point? Won’t she be stopping at a gas station for dinner soon?

  • +Tracey Ullman is coming back to TV. The comedian is set to bring another sketch comedy show to Showtime. This network is killing it the past two years!!!

  • +Eddie Murphy and Tracey Edmonds announce have split up after their "marriage ceremony" two weeks ago in Bora Bora. Murphy maintains that the “ceremony” was just an expression of their “friendship”. In other words, Edmonds didn’t want to get involved with a tranny chaser.

  • +Coachella 2008 line up is announced....well sort of. While the majority of the bands that are heading out to California this April have been announced, the festival is still holding out on us who the MAIN headliner is. Various rumors have been swirling, but we do know that it will NOT be David Bowie or My Bloody Valentine. I am praying it’s Blur, since the festival and its rumors seem quite British-centric this year, but who knows.