Sunday, January 6, 2008

I thought indie rock was for sincere dudes?

Apparently not, The Shins' Marty Crandall was arrested for domestic assault on his girlfriend Elyse Sewell, of America Next Top Model fame this past Friday. Sewell wrote about the incident on her blog on live journal, which is why it hit the media so quickly.

The two apparently got into a fight on the way home to Portland, OR and it became physical at a Sacramento hotel. Security in the hotel contacted the police and the couple was both arrested that night on January 4th. Crandall was charged with domestic assault, a felony, due to Sewell's bruises. Crandall had a bite mark, which he apparently received as a self-defense wound, and asked that Sewell be arrested as well. She was, but was released later Saturday night. Crandall still remains in jail and needs a $25,000 bail to get out.

While the news is all from Sewell's side, with all the bruises and the charges from the cops, I think that Crandall is a real assface and I hope these two do not get back together. If someone can hit you that much, they obviously have issues and can not give real love.