Thursday, June 26, 2008

"I Love Money" has already won my heart!

Let’s be honest here, I am a reality TV whore. If Vh1, Bravo or any other pop culture network can play it in marathon form for weekends upon weekends in a row and there are multiple cast members crying into a confessional video camera or creating an alliance, I will be there will bells on each week.

This could ultimately be the reason I leave the house a little less than a few years back or why my brain is slowly starting to forget important history facts, but can remember slight details from Cycle 3 of America’s Next Top Model, but I don’t care. Please, if the country has self-destructed after two terms of George Bush, I think we are okay with New York having another reality program. But I am veering off topic, so let’s get to the show I am almost as excited for as the second season of “Flipping Out”, “I Love Money”. See Vh1 knew they had a gold mine with all the has beens and wannabes from multiple seasons of their “I want to date (insert lame 80’s famous star here)”, which helped fuel the embarrassing celebreality genre, but at least with this game show/reality program, the dudes and chicks are honest about why the brought their littlest tops and most aggressive fighting styles to a some poorly decorated home in Encino – MONEY! This show is the promise that people will do anything for money. What is looking like a perfect combination of the all too early in the genre “Fear Factor, where contestants ate bugs, climbed ladders and rode horses, to name a few, for the privilege of $25,000 and notoriety and the “Real World/Road Rules challenges programming, which took people who at one point were thrown into a house, made to live with strangers, ah you get it and made them battle it out, again for money. See what MTV did for reality program, making it okay to be bi-sexual, confused, money hungry and antagonistic, Vh1 made it doubly okay. They have celebrated season after season of stripper look-alikes making out with Brett Michaels, Flavor Flav and New York, a reality creation of magical proportions. This challenge show, where winners and losers from their dating shows will partake in spitting relays with Pumpkin and cow herding with Rodeo are so meta, that this should be the final inclination of any reality programming for Vh1. And from the below premiere trailer, I can not wait until these idiots battle it out to see who reins supreme in the reality whore competition of a lifetime. Sometimes MTV Networks, I don’t know if I should love you for placating me and giving in to my addiction or hating you for it. On July 6th, when I am treating my holiday sun burn with aloe and nursing my third straight day of Fourth of July hangover, I will be loving you Vh1 and my DVR. Enjoy….

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Jessie said...

I can't wait for this show to start. So glad there is a blog out there who will review this show!!!! What do you think of the New York show?