Monday, June 16, 2008

Daily Rounds....

Short and sweet from now on....

  • *Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, a lesbain couple have waited 55 years until today to be legally able to wed. The couple who have been together for what seems like a lifetime will be one of the first to take advantage of the California law, that goes into effect today, allowing gay couples to legally marry in the state. BRAVO!!! I can't explain how touching this story truly is.
  • * "The Incredible Hulk" won here, but The Happening took number one place oversees.
  • * USA Today remembers Tim Russert and discusses the memorial "Meet The Press" episode.
  • * Hot male actors cry too. Here are the pictures to prove it.
  • * A first look at the upcoming film "Year One" from Harold Ramis.
  • * Is M.I.A. retiring?
  • * Vanity Fair provides the blogsphere index.
  • * Like I needed help. Start Procrastinating!
  • * TV Crunch discusses the 25 Worst TV Shows ever and sadly a few are truly my favorites. I am excited they remembered Double Trouble, starring the Segal sisters.
  • *And finally, even though Angelina Jolie had only nice things to say about her ex Billy Bob Thornton in her recent Entertainment Weekly article, I can not say the same for him. Thorntoncalled out Jolie as going "through a phase" right now, saying she just wanted to "date the high school football player". He just jealous!