Thursday, June 5, 2008

Lohan makes good on Promises....

Lindsay Lohan is very much excited about her upcoming role in "Labor Pains", a comedy in which she plays a young woman who fakes a pregnancy to avoid losing her job. The comedy is set to begin production next week in Burbank, CA. Cheryl Hines from "Curb Your Enthusiasm", as well as Chris Parnell. Lohan is apparently excited for the non-mainstream comedy and hopes this can show the audience her increased range. Sources are saying that she is so far being present and seems to really want to be a part of this movie

Producer Rick Schwartz said, "I didn't know Lindsay before this, but we looked each other in the eye three months ago, and she has done everything I could have asked."
This might have something to do with her "very close friendship" with Samantha Ronson, which is now prompting friends of the two to dish that, like with the case of Nylon celeb Cory Kennedy who told People that "their relationship is based on trust and is the most positive thing in Lindsay's life in a long time". I think the two are adorable and if they are truly dating, more power to them. Here are the cuties buying groceries in LA.