Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Daily Rounds....

Let's get to the news - Short and Sweet from now on....

  • *Words of Wisdom from Oprah about finding your true path in life. I have always agreed with O on this and said we all have our distinct inner calling.

  • *More gay and lesbian couples, including George Takei and his partner, have found their way to the altar since California is now legally able to acknowledge their nuptials. Since I am not incredibly well versed, here is some coverage from MSNBC and USA Today.

  • * Did Coldplay borrow melodies from a local band to write their latest album Viva La Vida? From what I have heard, I love the album, so I definitely hope not.

  • * Ugh can’t Scarlett Johansson shut her face. First the bitch lands Ryan Reynolds and now she is bragging about being email buddies with Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. For the benefit of my party and our country, please ScarJo keep stuff like this on the DL. The last thing he needs is a scandal, kthxbai!!!

  • * The 2008 Summer Box Office season is already ahead of last year’s totals by a small margin and with the upcoming releases they think it might end up about 15% better than last year’s returns.

  • * PETA is not too happy with Jessica Simpson’s T-shirt.

  • * Stan Winston, a special effects icon in Hollywood, passed away from cancer at age 62. He was surrounded by his family in his Malibu home at the time of his death this past Sunday. Winston is best known for his contribution to huge films like Jurassic Park, Aliens and more.

  • * The Film Institute, or AFI with the help of online voting and CBS will present their new Top Ten Films from The Top Ten Categories tonight. The site currently shows all 500 film nominees and tonight, with the help of some celebrities, we will find out who won the honors for top Drama, Romantic Comedy, Sci-Fi or Gangster film. Check here tomorrow for the full list.

  • * And finally, one of my favorite television shows EVER is returning to the small screen tonight for its second season premiere. Flipping Out, starring OCD/Real Esate flipper Jeff Lewis, returns to Bravo tonight and this season looks a thousand times better than last, if that’s possible. I can not wait to see what Jeff makes his fearless staff do this time around, but if this picture of his maid with a portrait of herself is any indication, I can’t wait!!!!