Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Who Will Take Over for Tim Russert?

Since this is an election year, the internet and news industry are all hard at work trying to figure out whom, if anyone, can fill Tim’s shoes on “Meet The Press”. Tom Brokaw, who took over the duty this past Sunday is a natural choice for this election cycle until a permanent replacement can be chosen. Other MSNBC/NBC News regulars whose names have been floated around are David Gregory, Chuck Todd and possibly my political girlcrush Rachel Maddow. I think all three are wonderful choices because they have the earnest interest in politics and what surrounds it like Russert, but they also do not wear their political agendas on their sleeves like other NBC anchors/ correspondents do. Gregory would be the smartest choice, with his political pedigree and his ability to disarm others in a debate. I believe Todd and Maddow would be wonderful sideline players and hope these two take bigger stakes in the network as the election cycle gets more intense.

I meant to post this yesterday, but here is Luke Russert, son of Tim Russert, describing his relationship between him and his dad on the Today show. Honestly, I wish more families were like this and this video makes me appreciate Mr. Russert even more. While I expected Luke to be more broken down since losing his father the Friday before Father’s Days, he an incredibly positive attitude towards the sudden death of his father. Luke said to Matt Lauer that “there was not one day of my life that I did not feel loved by my father”. And this allowed him to properly mourn his father, who he felt would not want everyone to stop living their lives because of his passing.