Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Daily Rounds..

My head is pounding from staring at this gosh darn computer all day and I have been super busy with actual work, but we all know the news don’t stop for nothing. So let’s get to it…

  • * Mattel knows what momma likes. The toy company is producing a “The Birds” theme Barbie doll to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. The amazing psychological thriller based on a short story, followed Melanie Daniels and her multiple run-ins with vicious birds in Bodega Bay. Mattel created the doll, with full on green suit, blonde up do and of course multiple attacking crows, based on one of the iconic moments in the movie. This is also what I looked like last Halloween, since this was my costume to a T. So if any of you were wondering what to get m for my birthday or Christmas or just as a thank you for dispensing entertainment knowledge to you on a daily basis, this would be it!

  • * This just in! is still an ass! You would think someone who lost their job for racist joke would keep his mouth shut.

  • * I just love the bitchy Kelly Cutrone from People’s Revolution and ”The Hills” fame. She mixes an amazing amount of schlumpy sweaters with cut throat PR attitude. And she yells at LC!

  • * * Heather Locklear is seeking out psychological help in Arizona. It must be tough to be so hot and still get dumped by Richie Sambora. I do have to question anyone’s psychological profile who has dated Scott Baio and Tommy Lee. We hope she feels better!

  • * Another sign of the apocalypse. Heidi, Spencer and Perez Hilton go to church together. It must be awesome to crave fame so much.

  • * Set your DVRs on NBC for this Saturday Night. NBC will be replaying the the premiered episode of Saturday Night Live” that George Carlin hosted in 1975 as a memorial and tribute to recently passed comedian.

  • * Surprise, Al Sharpton is an asshole! Sharpton was a guest on Anderson Cooper 360 and said that even though he is a Democrat, his conservative ideals have him believing that Cooper himself will “burn in Hell” for his behavior. Towelroad has the video.

  • * Is Colin Farrell the father of Minnie Driver’s unborn baby?

  • * And finally, The Addams Family is coming to Broadway and Bebe Neuwirth is signed up to play Morticia.