Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jaden Smith to Star in Remake of "Karate Kid"

And for the annoying news of the day, Jaden Smith, child of Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, will be starring in a remake of the CLASSIC “Karate Kid”. Columbia Pictures has tapped Chris Murphy to pen the script for the remake. The movie will reprise the idea of the original, a bullied child turns to Karate to gain strength, but with it shooting in Beijing, I see this will not be a straight up remake. Honestly, “Karate Kid” could be one of the most perfect teen focused movies from the 1980’s, with its focus on class issues, self-esteem, education from elders and awesome action sequences. It also had an adorable love story between back in the day cutie Ralph Macchio and the underutilized Elisabeth Shue. So I am not sure how a ten year-old, like Jaden, can reprise the role originally played by a teenager without making this a typical cheesy Disney-esque film. And I am not sure how you can identify with him because this kid is about as annoying as his VERY annoying father. Seriously, he is already showing up to red carpets with sunglasses on and suits, posing like he has been doing this for years. Maybe its my aggressive dislike of most things surrounding Will Smith since 1996 or that I hate the fact that Hollywood keeps promising to ruin all my favorite movies from the 80’s, but this movie sounds like a big pile of poop already. And with Daddy Smith co-producing, I am sure it will be just a vehicle for nepotism. Yuck!

Image courtesy of Wire Image