Friday, November 7, 2008

Daily Rounds....Obamamania Edition....

So now that my faith in humanity has returned and I can face problems like personal credit card debt and what to do with my lazy ass on a Friday night, let’s discuss some pop culture nuggets. Here is the return of your Daily Rounds and it’s a week’s worth of goodies.

  • * First, I would be remiss to not discuss the Obama/Biden win and say how wonderfully amazing it is to have two politicians who speak the truth, sometimes too much of the truth, come into the White House. I am very much looking forward to January 20th, 2009.

  • * And here comes the bloodshed within the Republican party. Even though John McCain, during his very graceful concession speech on Tuesday night, blamed the loss of his campaign on himself, the same can not be said for many of his advisors who pointing some really dirty fingers towards Governor Palin. The accusations upon the VP hopeful have ranged to her comfort standing in a towel in front of male campaign staffers to the idea that she was not aware that Africa was NOT a country. Um, and this is supposed to discredit her for a run in 2012? Shouldn’t this have discredited her from the run in 2008? Oh Repugs.

  • * There’s a good chance Blur might be getting back together. Damon Albarn, who has consistently shot down the idea, said a reunion was “very possible” in an interview with the BBC earlier this month. Damon and onetime Blur band mate, Graham Coxon, who are notorious for disliking each other beyond the point of reconciliation, recently sat down for lunch and have begun discussing the possibility of making music together once again. So if 2009 brings Blur around, as well as Jane’s Addiction, it will officially be my favorite year, well at least for now.

  • * David Lynch has just signed a deal with On Networks to produce a series, based on his book Catching the Big Fish” for the web. The media company has recently scored a few big names to bring new programming to the web, such as Amy Poehler with her ”Smart Girls at The Party” program, which features young girls and their stories in pursuit of self-confidence. Lynch’s show will focus on the Director’s interest in Transcendental Meditation.

  • * This Q&A with the creators of “How I Met Your Mother” doesn’t let us know who the mom will finally be, but it does clue us in on the behind the scenes stuff and if they planned Robin and Barney making out in the first season.

  • * I think I found a new comedy crush. Um SNL, you taking notes?

  • * The Yeah Yeah Yeahs will be releasing a new album next year. They say it will be different, but I say I will be the judge of that.

  • * Melissa Etheridge wonders if those who voted against her right to marry think she should still pay taxes or treated like a true second class citizen. I like this idea.

  • * And finally, Zack and Miri came in at number two last weekend at the box office, but you’ll hear what I think of the movie later this week. Warning…it’s a mixed bag.