Monday, August 25, 2008

A word to the wise…or to you my dear readers.....

The past few weeks you might have noticed some sparse posting here and I discussed it briefly in a few of my posts, but to keep things short and sweet, I was busy recuperating from a minor surgery. As of now, I am close to being back to my 100% percent goodness, which honestly means I am DVRing Big Brother and watching it later, as opposed to watching TV NON-Stop while propped up on pillows and pain killers like a sad Judy Garland story. With my new found energy, I just wanted to let you all know that The Spielster will be doing its best to up the ante for the Fall and Winter season. We will be getting a face lift, more daily posts and some other exciting news. As always I want to thank you readers who kept coming back each day to see if there were updates, when there were none.

And while I am fine tuning and updating things around here, I would love feedback from you my readers. Are there topics/stories/ideas/bands/shows/comedians/movies/bar mitzvahs you like me to cover? Feel free to email me at Things are looking up for me and The Spielster. Enjoy!

And I know its been played to death here and on other sites, but please let’s give it up to the Pickle Girl for always bringing a smile to my bitter, neurotic face. Book marking this on YouTube was the first thing I did with my new iPhone.